Valentine’s Gifts: Should You Bother?

Valentine's GiftsI suppose my husband and I are relatively ‘newly-weds’ when you consider we’ve been married for three years. Even so, when it comes to valentine’s gifts, Mark and I sort of feel like we’ve ‘been there, bought that, and got the tee-shirt!’ Of course, we’ve done the dining out but we have always tended to avoid Valentine’s night itself, as it’s usually over-priced, a menu we don’t like, very busy and an atmosphere of forced love and dedication. Don’t get me wrong. We can be very romantic and go out a lot at other times. We also like to buy each other a card, but where do you stand in terms of buying gifts for valentine’s? As owner of Juul at Home, you’d think I would be promoting this day heavily and it should be a commercial dream? However, I find this day a challenge both personally and from a business perspective. What do you buy a partner for the 14th February, that isn’t flowers chocolates or a take-away?

Being the determined person that I am, and always one for the challenge. I’ve decided that this 14th of Feb will be different!

Inspirational Valentine’s Gift Ideas

I’ve been on a bit of a Valentine’s gift idea mission and come up with a new selection which just might inspire the budding Cupid’s out there. I hope that you’ll agree that my portfolio choices are unusual, unique and pretty beautiful too. I am not going to reveal my Valentine’s present for Mark (it’s got to be a surprise after all) but keep your eyes open for pictures in a later blog and you might spot his appearance holding up his treasured gift. After all, it’s lovely to treat the one you love.

The Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Lunch

Forget the obligatory dinner, why not surprise your loved one in the middle of the day and take them lunch at work. Pack up a selection of nibbles, sandwiches and treats in one of these gorgeous bamboo lunch boxes. Take a look at the black and yellow Zebra box, or the tropical Toucan bamboo lunch box. They’re both beautiful and useful and something not just for the day. Plus, the fact you’ve bothered to create an amazing picnic and take it to them at the office, will really show your love and appreciation.

Show Them You’re Potty for Them!

Much longer lasting than a bunch of supermarket flowers, is a beautiful plant. Even better is to present the stunning greenery in a unique and unusual plant pot. We have discovered some fabulous and slightly off-the-wall planters for Valentine’s day. How about one of these large ceramic Buddha face planters, perfect for a large Spider plant and fabulous for the bathroom? Going for mini succulent or cactus; take a look at these mini Bohemian Aztec style ceramic planters.

Say it with Love Hearts

It may be a bit too sweet, but love is in the air at this time of year. So, don’t panic and breathe easy, with the perfect heart present to make that someone special smile (and that makes you look like a hero)! The heart symbol really does say it all. This simple, rustic soup bowl with love heart is just the thing this winter. Cook up some soup to go with, and you have a proper heart-warming gift. Alternatively, how about this beautiful mango wood heart platter? You could fill it with homemade love-heart sweets and pop it on the coffee table.

Love your Dog this Valentine’s Day

If you are anything like me, I absolutely love my dog, Dixie. So, this valentine’s day I want to spoil her too and show her just how much I care. This creative Dog Treat Making Set from Rex London is just the ideal gift. It has a dog treat recipe book and includes dog biscuit cutters and a lovely bag to keep the treats in. A completely sustainable gift that you can use again and again and perfect for dog lovers.

Tea for One or Two this Valentine’s

You love coffee, they love tea. So, what a great idea is this, fine china, one cup teapot! We’ve found a stunning design. The Jaguar One Cup Teapot will get the cuppa roaring. It includes a lovely large teacup and saucer, with a mini teapot that sits on top. Serve this gift up with their favourite tea selection and maybe some mini scones, cream and jam. It’s a Valentine’s afternoon tea for one at home.

A Special Valentine’s Delivery

Well hopefully we’ve given you some ideas and maybe inspired you to bother this Valentine’s Day? If we’ve sparked an interest, please remember that we are always happy to wrap the gift, write a message and post…so you could always stick to the tradition of not signing your name! Just send us a message when you place your order and we can arrange this for you.

If you’d like something a little more traditional, we also have some beautiful jewellery and wonderful photo frames. So hopefully you’ll find something for that someone special no matter how long the two of you have been together.