Top Ten Favourite Cake Tins of All Time

top ten favourite cake tinsWith home-baking ever-popular and even on the rise, following Covid-19 lockdowns this year, it comes as no surprise that we have been inundated with orders for baking equipment and cake storage solutions. Question is: which one, of the many beautiful designs on offer, should you choose? To help, we have compiled our top ten favourite cake tins of all time, along with some useful cake and kitchen storage tips and ideas.


When did cake tins first come on the scene?

19th Century Cake MakingTin manufacturing came into play in the mid-19th Century, so until then, tins were not a choice for kitchenware. Before this, ‘patty pans’ made from steel were used to bake small cakes and tartlets in, but they weren’t used for cake storage as such.  Once the Second World War began, with the drive to make food last, tins became popular for storing sponge delights and sweet treats.

Keeping your cakes at the peak of quality

Of course, cakes are at their utmost best when fresh – i.e. served on the day they are baked…yum. But if you’ve baked for a special occasion, or if you’re lucky enough to have any leftovers, you’ll want to be sure to store your triple layer Red Velvet or Victoria sponge so that its just as tasty tomorrow. Our first tip is to not store the cake in the fridge, as doing so actually makes the cake go stale faster than leaving it out on the side. Room temperature really is best and within a gorgeous cake tin, is even better!

So, let’s take a look at our top 10 cake tins for some fabulous sponge storage solutions:

  1. Small cupcake storage with a floral twist

Pressed Flowers Glass Storage BoxNumber one in our list of favourite cake tins, is actually not a tin, its glass with a beautiful pressed flower box and bamboo lid. This glass pressed flower cake box is not really one for the larger cake baker, but nevertheless petite and perfect for little mini muffins or biscuits. Primarily we love it for the garden flower design and the fact that the glass and bamboo combination is a little unusual.


  1. Lovebirds nesting trio of cake tins

Rex London Lovebirds Set of 3 Nesting Cake TinsNext in our top ten cake storage tins is this fabulous nesting set of 3. The Lovebirds Set of 3 cake tins features extra deep tins with a vintage bird design in yellows, blues and oranges. We had to put this in our list, as we actually have this set on the kitchen worktop at home. Three for the price of one, a nesting set of tins allows you to store a mass baking spree, or just one or two cakes. We like the fabulous mid-century combination of colours and each of the tins having a different, yet co-ordinating coloured lid.

  1. Stack of 3 Astrid Flowers bold retro tins

Astrid Flowers Set of Cake TinsIn a similar vibe to the above Lovebirds set, number three in our top ten is this stack of 3 Astrid Flowers cake tins. Retro in flavour, this trio can stack proudly on your worktop and keep a whole series of cakes lovely and fresh. Primary colours, the set of tins will suit any colour scheme and when not in use, will nest into each other for easy storage.

  1. Vintage flavour tin for the larger cake

Vintage Large Cake TinFor farmhouse kitchens, those with a beautiful pine dresser, or a neutral modern kitchen, this single large cream vintage style cake tin will fit in nicely. Simple in design, the cake can easily rest and be served on the cream tray, whilst the matching lid covers like a cloche. So easy to lift the lid and slice, and then put back for another day. We love this style of cake tin because it avoids all the pitfalls of extraction. Your cake will look just as marvellous as the day it was made.

  1. Nordic cake tin for Christmas baking

Christmas Cake TinsChristmas is the season for home baking and what better way to store all of your Stollen, Mince Pies and Star Shaped biscuits, than in a Nordic Christmas Cake Tin? This tin encompasses a festive design and can simply add to your kitchen Christmas decorations. Nice and wide and deep, it is also perfect for the Christmas Cake, with an easy to remove lid, so you can regularly pour on the booze.

  1. Cake tins for festive treats

Set of Christmas Gingerbread TinsContinuing with thoughts of Christmas treats, perhaps you make bake loads this year, with lots of family anticipated to pay a visit? In which case you’ll need more than one Christmas cake tin. So how about this stack of Christmas Gingerbread Cake Tins? One large, one medium and one small, all with happy gingerbread men decoration. All designed to keep homemade delights fresh from Christmas Eve until New Year.

  1. Deep sponge cake tins with a blue tint

Set of 3 Folk Doves Nesting Cake TinsNext, number 7 in our top ten of cake tins, is this calm, elegant set of deep sponge cake tins. Blue in tint with the Folk Doves Rex London design, we love the eye-catching beauty of this trio. A good choice for crisp white kitchens or those looking for a mid-century touch, this design has a cool chilled feel. Each tin nestles into the other, so if you want to you can either have just the larger tin on show or have the tall stack tower in view.


  1. Love cake and garden birds? Storage tins for both.

Trio of Cake TinsFor garden bird lovers and those who enjoy a more classic design, this set of 3 Garden Bird Cake Tins present slightly smaller cake storage. Each tin is decorated with a favourite UK garden bird and co-ordinating colour and design. The sight of these cake cannisters certainly makes us chirpy and in the mood for a Victoria Sponge or Coffee and Walnut.

  1. Bold red golden lily large cake storage tin

Red Golden Lily Cake TinThe penultimate in our top ten baking storage selection just has to be the bright Red Golden Lily Cake Tin. A soloist, but a tin that certainly won’t go unnoticed on your counter, it has a beautiful William Morris design and flame red enamelled lid. Wider in the base, it’s a good choice for storing a broad cake rather than a multi-layer. Timeless in look, it will never date and therefore looks superb in any style of kitchen.



  1. William Morris navy classic cake tin

Blue Compton Floral Cake TinSimilar to number nine; last but not least in our top ten cake storage tins, is the Blue Compton William Morris cake tin. Again, a single cake tin which offers good width for a large cake and with a classic design that will suit any interior. We love the navy as its not a typical cake tin colour, plus the colour goes with absolutely everything. Now with all of these cake tins to choose from, we better dig out the recipe book and put the oven on!

Looking for more inspiration? Take a peek at our very short video, Our Favourite Cake Tins – showing some of our best cake storage tins at home.