Foot Pop for Tired Hard Working Feet


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Foot Pop for Tired Feet are Fizzy Bath Salts by Bathing Beauty (the people who brought you the Jones the Bones Range). They are just the ticket for relieving aching or swollen feet. Athletes, mum’s-to-be, long distance runners, doctors and nurses, in fact anyone on their feet all day, will just love this magic remedy, created specifically to refresh, revive and nourish hard working feet.

Pop Fizzy Foot Bath is created by Osteopaths and is made of 100% natural ingredients containing a blend of witch hazel, peach kernel oil, peppermint oil and tea tree oil.

All you have to do for a relaxing foot bath is simply pop one scoop into a bowl or bath of warm water and soak your tootsies for about 10 minutes. This foot bath is also used by Chiropodists and can be used to managed Diabetic Foot Health.


  • 200g bag
  • Vegan Society Registered