Flamingos are flying back from the early 1970s and have certainly arrived here at Juul at Home. A few years ago they may have appeared on the sets of Eastenders to serve a certain irony and tongue-in-cheek tackiness. But now, these fellas have moved on from being a bit of lawn art and are now an iconic design in their own right. Its a nod to tropical, sunny lazy days, as well as a salute to the mid-century paintings by artists such as Andy Warhol and David Hockney.

From Ziggy the Chevron mug, to beautiful Sass and Belle trinket dishes; indoor watering cans, travel mugs and tea towels, the Flamingos are literally everywhere. The significant design factor is that they are pink, and not just one shade either…from hot tangerine pink, to fluffy pastel shades, pink is certainly a colour that will be popular for a few years to come.