Flasks and the good old Thermos! At Juul we have a whole retro collection that will bring back some memories. Do you remember olive canvas camping, with all things orange nylon, sandwiches in Tupperware and the Bush radio blaring out?

The Retro Thermos

The Thermos has actually been around for quite a while; in fact it’s now well over 100 years old! It was developed, as a vacuum flask, by Sir James Dewar in 1892 to help with his experiments on cooling gases. By 1904 two German glass blowers renamed the vacuum to Thermos – from the Greek word meaning ‘hot’. It has since evolved in many guises, becoming the essential accessory for picnics, road trips and camping expeditions. It certainly serves us well, with many a hot beverage in cold and windy weather.

Once we’d cottoned on to this invention, us British folk have never let it go. It’s helps us suffer the blasted rain, cheers us up on many a beach jaunt and has a proven ability to not just keep us alive, but sane as well.

At Juul you will find an eclectic collection of both retro and modern flasks, all in excellent condition and just perfect for the good old UK summer holidays!