At Juul we have a comprehensive range of hooks for bathrooms, towels, dressing gowns, toiletries and coats.

Come and find an array of wooden, metal, vintage and modern hangers which are easily fitted.

For a nautical themed bathroom or cloakroom, we have bathroom towel hangers designed in the shape of shells, anchors and boats. We also have Fair Trade wooden yachts in pastel colours; metal anchors in blue and putty colours; old vintage metal keys; and whitewashed hearts and teapots.
Dog Lead Hooks
Dog walkers and dog lovers will love our Labrador iron metal dog lead hangers. Children will love our range of jungle animal, dinosaur and fairy hooks for their bedroom.  Often it is quite difficult to get hold of hangers for your under-the-stairs cupboard or ensuite bathroom (which are not the plastic boring stick-on types). Our aim is to bring to you a very broad collection. We continuously change our range, so please watch this space. At present we have lovely beach huts, rustic wood yachts, blue seashells and starfish. All of our hangers can be easily fitted and can take quite a heavy load, so perfect for those bath sheets.