National Weaning Week 6th May 2019

It’s National Weaning Week commencing on 6th May 2019. Oh how I remember the bittersweet moment I started to wean my youngest daughter. There’s so much conflicting advice out there now. With my eldest daughter, who’s now 16, it was recommended that you start early at 4 months, with some baby rice and milk. Yet just 3 years’ later, with my son, the health visitor suggested waiting until he was 5 months. So it really is a challenge to know what is best for your baby. National Weaning Week is a UK campaign designed to assist parents on finding the best way forward.

Baby Rice or Cucumber Sticks?

National Weaning Week

The campaign’s aim is to bring together expertise, brands and real families to offer help, tips, advice, support and recipes to make weaning as easy as peas! All of the information and a really supportive network for parents can be found on the Weaning Week Website.

At the end of the day, I suppose its all about doing what you feel is suitable, at a time you just know is right for your baby. No one wants to raise a fussy eater or one that just eats ‘Birds Eye 100% Cod” (I speak from experience and a 3 year old who watches far too much TV).


Baby-Led Weaning

There are all sorts of buzz words that now surround weaning too. I mean, what exactly is BLW? Apparently this is an acronym for ‘Baby Led Weaning’. You can find out more during National Weaning Week. But basically you introduce solids (rather than puree on a spoon) and let your baby feed his or herself. So instead of getting the hand blender out and whizzing up a sweet potato to death, you chop, chop, chop. Anything from cucumber sticks, mango slices, to egg and soldiers; all so your baby can hold the food and suck or chew away.

Children’s Bamboo Dinner Sets

Alongside National Weaning Week and to hopefully make weaning a little more fun, yet plastic-free and eco-friendly, we’re introducing our Children’s Bamboo Fibre Dinner Sets. We have a Dinosaur Bamboo Dinner Set, a Cars Bamboo Dining Set and a Flower Dining Set. Each design aims to capture the imagination of your little one and to make meal times fun and exciting. Every set includes a segmented dinner plate, a cereal bowl, a drinking juice tumbler and a fork and spoon.

Made from sustainable, genuine bamboo, these kids’ dinner sets are naturally robust (more than capable of being dropped and bounced). Better still, they are also 100% biodegradable and suitable for all ages. Take a look at our full range of eco homeware.