London Marathon Feet Recovery Tips

London Marathon Feet Recovery TipsNot long now! If you are about to run the London Marathon this weekend – or in fact any other marathon in any worldwide destination – then you might just slightly be concerned about your tootsies. So to help, we’ve done some research on some of the best post London marathon feet recovery tips out there. No matter how fast you run, one thing’s for sure, your feet are going to be just a little bit sore. You may get away with just a few blisters, or something a tad more serious, no matter the footwear, your feet are certainly going to get a pounding.

Bag of Frozen Peas

Whilst a cold compress is a good idea for those post-marathon battered feet, you can’t wear a bag of frozen peas on your way home from the run, or the days that follow. Podiatrist and foot experts say you should try and keep your feet as bare as possible, in order to minimise undue shoe pressure on damaged toenails and tender blisters. Flip-flops are a good option for getting out and about, but stay away from shoes that are tight and may cause additional pressure or rubbing on swollen toes and ankles.

Pop goes the Blister!

The bubble is there and probably does need to burst. Blisters are at their most painful when they are full. The most important thing, before you go popping, is to do everything you can to make sure it doesn’t become infected. That means making sure your feet are very clean and sterilising the pin or needle before you use it. To sterilise, clean the pin in boiling water first. Once popped, wash the blister in warm salty water and put on a clean plaster or use one of the antiseptic spray on plasters. Keep a regular eye on the open blister and make sure you frequently wash and change the dressing.

Soothe and Reduce the Throbbing

Next in our London Marathon Feet Recovery Tips, are ways to reduce any inflammation and overall throb. An ice-cold foot bath can help to soothe the muscles in your feet and legs and ease overall swelling. Bathing Beauty Foot Pop, available from Juul at Home, contains a peppermint foot bath and essential oils to relieve aching feet. It also includes Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil, which are fantastic antiseptics. Another handy remedy is the Bathing Beauty Sweet Feet Set, with its foot salve which includes organic Avocado oil and peppermint essential oils to moisturise and keep your feet hydrated and soft.

Fungus the Bogeyman

Are your toenails looking a bit yellow, hard and gnarly? You may have the start of a fungal nail infection. Toenails are prone to infection after a hard battering and trauma. So, after the Marathon you may want to keep an eye on those nails. Any sign, pop to the Doctor or see your local pharmacist to have the condition confirmed. You can then start the recommended fungal treatment.

Ready to Run Again?

Really? Are you mad? There are no hard and fast rules as to when you can start walking or even running again. The rule of thumb (or toe) is to see how you feel. Maybe start with a little short jog and see how you go.