Worried about coming to our Ilfracombe creative workshops? Don’t be!

Nervous about coming to one of our Ilfracombe creative workshops?  Honestly there is nothing to worry about. Our aim is to empower you to learn a new skill, have some fun and get to know other people living in and around Ilfracombe. We like seeing nothing better than an absolute beginner coming along to a class and then leaving a few hours later with a big grin, keen to get practicing at home.


If you’ve ever been to Juul at Home before, you’ll know it’s a very chilled and relaxing venue, and we’re very friendly people. We know that our workshop attendees may be a little bit anxious, but also hopefully a little bit excited. You might just be reading the courses to see what’s available, but feel apprehensive to take the plunge and book on. Please don’t be. To help you prepare and alleviate any of your queries and concerns, we’ve chosen some of the most common Q&A’s.


  1. I get stressed finding and going to new places


Of course going somewhere new is daunting. But you know that as soon as you’ve arrived, all of those fears will simply disappear. We do advise arriving to all our workshops at least 15 minutes before the start time to allow for any ‘dashing about’ stress.  Parking is available at the Ilfracombe Harbour car park, with a short hill walk up Fore Street. Or, you can sometimes find parking opposite the shop in the meter layby. As soon as you arrive, you’ll be made very welcome and will be offered refreshments and an introduction to your tutor and the other attendees. Our workshops are very small, so on average you’ll only have to get to know 6-8 people.


  1. Does it matter if I come alone?


Don’t worry! More often than not, participants come alone. Most people come for some valuable ‘me’ time and to get away from the daily normality, children etc. Our tutors are very friendly too and will make sure everyone feels relaxed and comfortable. The classes always offer a really good vibe and you never know, you might even make a new friend or two.


  1. Will everyone be experts and I’ll look like an absolute beginner?


The whole point of coming to a creative workshop is to learn something new, or polish up on rusty old skills. Our fabulous tutors will run through everything step by step. And you won’t have to remember it all in one go, each step will be broken down into little bite size pieces – and the tutor will be on hand to help too. All of our workshops on offer require no previous knowledge or skill.


  1. I go at a snail’s pace…will I get behind?


Absolutely not! We’ll make sure of it. Our workshops are small, which of course means you will get a lot of one-to-one time with the tutor, as and when required. If you struggle at all, we will help you to nail it. We all will complete the session together and you’ll definitely have something you’ll be proud of to take home.



We hope this blog helps to eliminate any of your concerns about attending our workshops. If you have any specific queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We are only too happy to help. See you soon!

For the list of our forthcoming creative workshop programme, or to book online, please visit our Workshops page.