How to Make Sure You’re Buying Palm Oil Free Soap

SoapPalm oil is hot news. Why? Because it is linked with the clearing of rainforests and peatlands, to a critical degree for our planet. Over the years, palm oil and palm oil derivatives have unfortunately become an integral component in many soap and beauty products, due to its skin conditioning properties. This has led to a loss of local communities, adversely affecting the biodiversity of the regions and climate change. Notwithstanding the threat of extinction for the Orangutans who have seen their habitat destroyed. Scarily, despite social media campaigns, television documentaries and the news, demand for Palm Oil is increasing not decreasing, expected to more than triple by 2040.


So, if you’re currently buying soap and soap products, how can you make sure you’re doing your bit to reduce demand for this product and buy palm oil free soap? What should you look for on the ingredients? What are the best brands to consider, and which ones should you avoid? This article aims to help and give some tips on: how to make sure you’re buying palm oil free soap.

Palm Oil in Disguise in Soap

Many soaps are not very clear with their labelling. To be honest, our rule of thumb is, if it doesn’t’ say ‘palm oil free’ then it probably isn’t. However, if there is a soap brand you love and you want to know whether it does or doesn’t contain the oil, here are a list of ingredients which are basically palm oil in disguise. Any ingredient that starts with the word ‘palm’ is either the oil or its derivatives. So: Palm Kernal, Palm Fruit Oil, Palmate, Palmolein, Palm Stearine, Palmitoyl etc are one and the same, for want of better purposes. Then there are some sneaky ones, which don’t say palm, but are also part of the harvesting. These are: Stearate, Stearic Acid, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. As well as in your bars of soap and liquid soaps, check for these in your shampoos and hair conditioners too.

It is Possible to Buy Palm Oil Free Soap

We’ve hunted high and low for a good brand of palm oil free soap and beauty products and the best one we could find is the award-winning, Wales based company Bathing Beauty. All of their products are palm oil free and zero waste. With six soaps in their range, including: Seville Cinnamon and Orange Soap, Green and Serene Soap, Miracle Oat and Honey Soap, Dilly Dilly Lavender Soap, Babylon Poppy Seed and Hemp Soap and Super Luxe Rose and Shea Butter Soap, there are plenty to suit each skin and fragrance preferences.

It’s Time to Do Something About It

Now, more than ever, its important to be aware of where your money is going, when you buy products. At Juul at Home we are very conscious where we buy our products and from whom. We are always learning and very particular as to what is placed in our baskets. By using our small buying power, we hope to join lots of other independent businesses in providing customers the choice, which in turn will put pressure on the corporations to be far more responsible for their actions. This is the year to start reading the labels and making educated, ethical and conscious decisions.