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top ten favourite cake tins

Top Ten Favourite Cake Tins of All Time

With home-baking ever-popular and even on the rise, following Covid-19 lockdowns this year, it comes as no surprise that we have been inundated with orders for baking equipment and cake storage solutions. Question is: which one, of the many beautiful designs on offer, should you choose? To help, we have […]

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The Year of the Lunchbox

This is the year of the lunchbox.

With lockdown, 2020 is seeing a paradigm shift: ‘out’ is eating on the go; ‘in’ is packing something up that’s home cooked and taking it with you. To be honest, with too much plastic littering our lives, we’ve always been in favour of picnicware rather than plastic packaging. Now, more […]

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Roaring birthday gift ideas for Leo's

Roaring birthday gift ideas for Leo’s

As we head towards the birthday season for the fifth sign of the zodiac; July 23rd until August 23rd, we take a look at some roaring birthday gift ideas for Leo’s. People born under this horoscope sign are known to be brave and natural born leaders and are perhaps one […]

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Top 10 gorgeous cocktail glasses for summer

Top 5 gorgeous cocktail glasses for summer

This year, with that little C virus kicking about, you’re probably thinking about a stay-cation rather than a trip to Spain. So, you’ve opened your beautiful fresh bottle of blackberry gin, the freezer is packed with enough ice to build Mount Everest, your complete fruit bowl has been chopped and […]

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how to order gifts online in the uk

How to order gifts online in the UK

It’s probably fair to say that there is a plethora of options in the online marketplace to order presents and tokens of love and send them by post. But in the world where many are trying to steer away from the bigger department stores and high street brands, and seek […]

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