Unique gift ideas for Mother's Day

Beautiful, unique gift ideas for Mother’s Day

For new mums, mums to be, grandmothers, mothers-in-law, step mothers and even great grandmothers, we have a whole lot of beautiful, unique gift ideas for Mother’s Day to inspire and show your love. Not sure what to get your mum for Mother’s Day this year, that isn’t a last-minute afterthought, […]

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10 Facts on the History of Valentine’s Day in the UK

Obviously, as a UK online retailer, we are very aware of all the annual occasions in the UK, but when we were putting together some ideas for the 14th February, it struck us that we didn’t know much about the history of Valentine’s Day in the UK. Of course, we […]

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Valentine's Gifts

Valentine’s Gifts: Should You Bother?

I suppose my husband and I are relatively ‘newly-weds’ when you consider we’ve been married for three years. Even so, when it comes to valentine’s gifts, Mark and I sort of feel like we’ve ‘been there, bought that, and got the tee-shirt!’ Of course, we’ve done the dining out but […]

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5 Seasonal Ideas to Do Christmas Well

5 Seasonal Ideas To Do Christmas Well

Creating a warm, cosy and welcoming nest for the Christmas season is important to home lovers, as it keeps everyone merry and snug throughout the festive period. But what about looking after yourself too? There’s the stress and anxiety of gift buying, food shopping, house decorating; let alone the colds, […]

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Palm Oil Free Soap

How to Make Sure You’re Buying Palm Oil Free Soap

Palm oil is hot news. Why? Because it is linked with the clearing of rainforests and peatlands, to a critical degree for our planet. Over the years, palm oil and palm oil derivatives have unfortunately become an integral component in many soap and beauty products, due to its skin conditioning […]

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