5 Seasonal Ideas To Do Christmas Well

5 Seasonal Ideas to Do Christmas WellCreating a warm, cosy and welcoming nest for the Christmas season is important to home lovers, as it keeps everyone merry and snug throughout the festive period. But what about looking after yourself too? There’s the stress and anxiety of gift buying, food shopping, house decorating; let alone the colds, flu and hangovers. With just under six weeks to go (she says with a slight tinge of panic), we thought we’d put some top tips together, with 5 seasonal ideas to do Christmas well.



1. Bring Some Sunshine on a Cloudy Winter’s Day

Morpheus Sleep Bath SaltsThe great British winter rarely brings the romantic snow, so instead we have to make do with the grey skies and good old rain. When the central heating comes on, and the water is piping hot, let yourself be uplifted on a bath of Geranium and Bergamot, with the rich magnesium Bathing Beauty Bath Salts. Immerse yourself and breathe. Sourced and created in Barns, Wales.



2. Fluffy Socks and Cosy Blankets

Cream Purple Green ThrowColder, darker days, means getting snug at home. We’re big fans of big fluffy socks combined with a beautiful, cosy blanket. Cotton zigzag herringbone throws or teddy bear mustard throws are just the ticket. Hop onto the sofa, turn down the Christmas tree lights, switch on a box set. Unwind as ultimate relaxation takes over.




3. Indoor Games

Retro Wooden Flower PressExperts say that ‘play’ is vital to our overall wellbeing. Whilst building sandcastles at the beach may not be on the cards this Christmas, we shouldn’t let the shorter days get in the way of a good time. How about some of the traditional activities we used to do as a child? Take a look at this knitting dolly. Do you remember pressing flowers, with this wooden flower press?




4. Get into the Wellbeing Groove with a Sloe Gin

Sunny By Sue Gold Silver Gin GlassOf course, to stay well this Christmas, we shouldn’t overdo the eggnog and prosecco. But we say ‘everything in moderation’, so how about a beautifully dressed gin and tonic in a hand-painted Sunny by Sue Copa gin glass? After all, does it count if you sip it slowly and it has lemon in it?


5. Bake your own Mince Pies

Measuring CupsLast, but by no means least, in our 5 seasonal ideas to do Christmas well, is baking. Yes, of course you can buy the Christmas cake, but nothing beats a homemade mince pie. Let the wind bombard the windows, put the tunes on the radio and get the rolling pin out. Measure your own ingredients out with this beautiful set of ceramic measuring cups. The time is ripe for dried fruit, pastry and icing sugar.